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Removable Roof Body

Arbortech Removeable Roof Bodies

ARBORTECH’S Removable Roof Chip Bodies Offer Maximum Versatility

Our removable roof chip body (RRB) is our most versatile chipper truck available. Featuring a removable roof, our removable roof chip body easily converts from a chip truck to a dump truck. Equipped with an ARBORTECH L-shaped tool box, our removable roof chip body provides ample room for tools and supplies, and is now available in a 96-inch wide floor for maximum payload capacity. Like all our chip bodies, our removable roof chip body features our superior quality, fit and finish.
  • 3-Year Limited Warranty
  • Rust-resistant, heavy-gauge, galvanneal steel chip body construction, including a double-paneled galvanneal steel tailgate and a galvanneal floor with 3-inch structural cross members
  • Convenient barn door, swing-to-side tailgates with mechanism to secure in open and closed positions
  • Smooth forestry body panels to easily accommodate vehicle signage and graphics to maximize advertising exposure
  • Ladder box with pole pruner shelf and rear lockable door
  • Forestry body cleaned with a high-temperature, high-pressure chemical wash to etch the steel before applying a high-grade automotive primer to ensure a durable finish
  • Undercoating on underside of forestry body floor and toolboxes to enhance durability
  • Coal tar epoxy bed liner for a rugged, corrosion-resistant interior chip body finish
  • White or black finish paint (Additional chip body colors are optional)
  • Fully enclosed lights and wiring harness that are weather- and debris-resistant

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  1. Body Structure

    Heavy gauge galvanneal steel construction

  2. Smooth Panel Construction

    Smooth side panels ideal for graphics and branding

  3. Warranty

    3-year limited warranty

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  1. Removable Roof

    Removable roof panels convert chip body into dump body

  2. Maximize Storage Space

    L-shaped tool box with 3-point latching for secure tool storage

  3. Corrosion Protection

    Coal tar epoxy bed liner for maximum corrosion resistance

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  • Body Structure

    Combination of lock bolt and weld to provide unbeatable durability. Floor understructure welded for structural integrity


  • LED Strobe and Marker Lights

    Led marker lights wit 4-head strobe package

  • LED Kit

    Energy efficient LED Stop/Turn/Tail, backup and DOT marker lights

  • Cam Latch

    Heavy duty overcenter cam latch with padlock hasp

  • Tail Pin

    Zinc coated, chain tethered pin holds tailgate in the open position

  • Ladder Box

    Lockable box allows access to ladder and pole storage without opening tailgate


  • Underbody Steel Tool Box

    Lockable box with 3-point latching, security bars, hidden hinges and recessed doors

  • Vertical Steel “I” Tool Box

    Lockable cross-chassis through-box with 3-point latching, security bars, hidden hinges and recessed doors

  • Rope Hooks

    8 curbside-mounted pivoting hooks for rope and/or chain storage.


  • 3–Point Latching System

    Lockable latches with stainless steel latch pan and powder coated handle engages at top, bottom and center

  • Door Seal and Hinges

    Weather protective automotive style clip-on door seal. Bolt-on, hidden powder coated hinges

  • Chain Pull Release

    Chain pull release for ease of use

  • Wheel Chocks

    Formed steel holder with heavy chain-tethered rubber chock


  • Heavy-Duty Tow Package

    T-60 Pintal hitch with 20K tow/3K tongue rating (typical for Class 6 & 7 chassis)

  • Medium-Duty Tow Package

    T-60 Pintal hitch with 15K tow/2K tongue rating (typical for Class 5 chassis)

  • Trailer Plugs

    6 pin round, and 7 pin flat (RV style) female receptacles.

  • Removable Roof Panels

    Removable roof chip body easily converts from a chip truck to a dump truck


  • U–Bolt Mounting

    Cold drawn, stress relieved, micro-alloyed, modified steel u-bolts

  • Undercoating

    On bottom of floor, toolboxes, and wheelwells for enhanced durability

  • Smooth Body panels

    Built to accomodate personalized vehicle signage for maximum advertising exposure

  • Ladder Roller Bar


  • Grab Handle

  • Folding Steps w/ Grab Handle

  • Cone Holder


  • RRB - 11ft.
  • RRB - 14ft.
  • RRB - 16ft.








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We’ll help you get the job done with our heavy-duty forestry truck bodies for all your arborist
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Already have a chassis and need a chip body mounted in a hurry? Arbortech offers 24-Hour chip body installations

In most cases we can mount an in-stock, or pre-ordered chip body on your chassis and have you on the road in 24-hours or less…saving you travel time and expenses and getting your vehicle in service fast!

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